We get this question from homeowners quite a bit: Should I sell my home to an investor? 

It might actually be a good option depending on your situation, but we find that most people who buy homes as an investor will generally not pay full market value for your house. Investors are looking for good deals, and that generally starts with them getting the house at the lowest price possible. They’re looking at the numbers to determine what the return on investment would be if they were to rent it out.

“Investors are looking for good deals.”

If you sell to a traditional homebuyer, you’re likely selling to someone who will be emotionally attached to the property and generally willing to pay much more than an investor would.

If your home’s condition isn’t the best and it’s clear that it needs some work, the best option for you might be to sell the house to an investor who is willing to pay cash for the home, buy quickly, and use their own money to fix the house up.

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