Today I want to talk about using a team versus using an independent real estate agent to sell your home.

Real estate is one of the few professions in the world where agents are expected to do everything. In today’s fast-paced environment where people instantly want to know information about a house or want information back on negotiations, if you choose a solo agent, you’ll find out how inefficient and ineffective it is. While the agent could be out showing a property to someone else or talking to someone else about listing, they are not doing anything to get your home sold.

In our office, we use the team approach. I have 10 different members on my team and everybody has a specific job. This makes us a lot more efficient and effective at making sure that the information that is needed for buyers and sellers is readily sent back and forth.

“I have 10 different members on my team and everybody has a specific job to make us more efficient and effective.”

We have people in the office to make sure that if you run out of fliers, you get more fliers. If someone needs more information, there are licensed agents ready to provide it. Or, if a buyer’s interested in your home, there are people who can qualify them to see the property as soon as possible. Since we know that buying a house is an emotional decision, we get them results so they do not move on to the next listing instead.

By using a team, there are people working to make sure that your listing is getting the top marketing specialist working on it all the time. When you use a team, you know that you have people dedicated to making sure that your home is being uploaded to the right websites, you’re getting the fliers you need, and the responses are provided back to the buyers and their agents. This way, you can sell your home faster and for top dollar.

The greatest thing about using a team, though, is that it costs the same. You get 10 people instead of one and you still pay the same.

If you are interested in buying or selling with my team, please feel free to reach out to me. I look forward to speaking with you soon.