Here are six ways you can sell your home quickly and for top dollar.

Every seller wants to sell their home in the least amount of time for the most amount of money. How can you make this happen? Today I want to share six tips to help get the most out of your home sale:

1. Neutralize, depersonalize, and declutter. Most people add personal touches to their homes over the years. You might get lucky and find a buyer with your exact tastes, but most people just see these touches as more work they’ll need to do once you hand over the keys. Fortunately, updating the style of your home is usually inexpensive. Freshen up with neutral colors so that buyers can easily visualize themselves in your house. For a similar reason, pack away all your junk so that your property can truly shine. 

“Most buyers start their journeys by looking at pictures online. ”

2. Eliminate stray odors. People buy homes with their senses. You might not notice the smell of your pet, but others can. Strong food odors can also be a turn-off. Use candles or plug-ins to address these issues. If the weather permits, you can open the doors and windows to let in the fresh air. 

3. Take professional photos. When I first started, we used Polaroid cameras to take pictures. Now, most buyers start their journeys by looking at photos online. If you hire the right professional, you could create a 3D tour of your whole home. This way, buyers can do a walkthrough before ever setting foot in your property. 

4. Clear your schedule. Flexibility is a huge advantage when selling your home. Try not to turn down any tour requests. If you have to limit your hours, try to do so as little as possible. Buyers won’t make an offer on what they haven’t seen. 

5. Price it correctly. The market is good for sellers, but that doesn’t mean buyers will pay whatever you want for your house. On top of that, appraisers aren’t affected by your list price; they’ll evaluate your home at whatever price they see fit. It’s best to set a realistic price and let buyers compete to drive the value up naturally. 

6. Schedule a home visit. I’d love to take a look at your home and give you some advice. Make a list of ideas you have, and I’ll go over it with you. 

If you have questions about today’s topic or would like to schedule a home visit, call me at 901-591-8100 or email I look forward to hearing from you!