The nine things you have to consider to find the right retirement home.

Are you thinking of downsizing and moving into a 55-plus community? Whatever your reason is for wanting to make this move, there are eight things you have to consider before listing your home on the market:

1. Size of the community. Some of the 55 and older communities can range anywhere from 30 homes to 3,500 homes.

2. Access to the basic necessities. Do you have easy access to grocery stores, restaurants, movie theaters, doctor’s offices, hospitals, churches, etc.? These are things you have to consider. 

3. Traffic in the area. Is traffic too busy at certain times of the day that you don’t want to be in that area, or is it something you can handle?

“Your answers to these questions are critical.”

4. Style of homes. Are the homes there contemporary or traditional? Do you want a home that’s on one level or two stories? If the basic living areas are all on the same level, are they large or are they small? Are they huge yards or small yards? Your answers to these questions are critical.

5. Yard maintenance. Are you responsible for maintaining everything inside and outside the house, or is the homeowners association going to help? 

6. HOA fees. What are the taxes in this community, and what other expenses can you expect for being in that community? 

7. Privacy. Do you prefer a community that’s really close where you can grab a cup of sugar from your neighbors just by knocking on their door or window? Or would you rather have some privacy in your area? 

8. Activities. What kind of activities will be happening in the 55-plus community that you choose? Will they have activities that you like? Will they be traveling to places that you want to go? Do they have many activities or just a few more things to consider? 

9. Advantages. What are the advantages of living in that 55-plus community?

If you’re moving to a 55-plus community or have any real estate questions, call or email me. I’m always happy to help!