Using a discount broker could cause you to lose out on money.

​​​Do you want to sell your home and save the commission? Can a discount broker truly save you money?

Due to many homes still selling with multiple offers, you might think, “This is a good time to sell. I could just take some photos with my phone, throw my house on the market, and people will line up down the street.” People go to garage sales because they know they can find good deals. You’re always going to get a discount if you buy through the owner. Whether going at it on your own or using a limited service agent, know that the buyers are looking for a good deal.

“Selling with a discount broker may end up costing more than the commission you save.”

How does a full-service agent help you get more money than what you can get on your own? You’ll get full exposure to all the active buyers in the entire market. Over 4,500 agents in this market will have access to all the information about the features and benefits of your home. Additionally, you’ll have a great full-time agent who will keep pushing and promoting your home until it’s sold. Once you get offers, the agent that you hire will review all the offers, help you navigate through them, and work on your behalf to get the most money possible in your pocket.

From the time you accept an offer until closing, there are over 100 different actions necessary before closing and any misstep can cost you the sale. It’s possible to sell without an agent or with a discount limited-service agent, but that may end up costing you a lot more money than the commission you could save.

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